In London, there’s now a mural of the Royal Family as ABBA

British street artist Bambi has unveiled a new mural that celebrates two things she loves: the recent Royal Wedding and the upcoming return of ABBA:… (read more)


The super power of a single picture

This Saturday, as protesters gather for the Million Women Rise march, a new artwork will be unveiled in Trafalgar Square by the street artist Bambi, whose reputation has earned her the nickname ‘The female Banksy’. In a curious choice of positioning, at the end of March it will be installed at the bottom of Nelson’s Column:… (read more)


The super power of a single picture

Spray-painted street art spoofing President Trump and UK Prime Minister May titled “Lie-Lie Land” hits harder than art museum protest shows. (read more)


In synch: Donald and Theresa strut their stuff in Lie Lie Land

“The graffiti artist Bambi has sprayed a mischievous sketch on a wall in Islington, north London, showing President Donald Trump and the UK Prime… (read more)


Street Artist Bambi Mocks Donald Trump With ‘Lie Lie Land’ Parody

“This film was released during a dark political time in our world.” Street artist Bambi uses Hollywood to take aim at President… (read more)


Who Is The London Street Artist Bambi?

Bambi first came to the street art scene in 2010, when her tag appeared in Camden, beneath a portrait of the late singer Amy Winehouse. Since then her work has emerged around London, depicting individuals such as the “Queen” of reality TV, Kim Kardashian, as well as actual royalty, in the shape of Prince William and Kate Middleton… (read more)


Street artist Bambi: on the trail of ‘the female Banksy’ loved by Harry Styles and Rihanna

Harry Styles and Rihanna love her — but London street artist Bambi’s identity remains a closely guarded secret. So is she a pop star with a taste for politics? Or a classically trained painter? As Angelina Jolie becomes the latest A-lister to snap up a piece, Amelia Abraham goes in search of ‘the female Banksy’ (read more)


Bambi: graffiti artist on why she’s more than just a ‘female Banksy’

Street artist, whose fans range from Robbie Williams to Rihanna, reveals importance of social issues and feminism to her work – but offers few hints as to her identity… (read more)


Is Bambi the female Banksy?

You’ve heard of Banksy, but have you heard of Bambi? Not the Bambi of Disney fame, but the one dubbed street art’s new star. The so-called “female Banksy” counts A-list celebrities like Kanye West and Brad Pitt as buyers of her stencilled street art. Like Banksy, her works command price tags that run into the tens of thousands of dollars…. (read more)


Grafitti Artist Bambi Paints Jubilee Tribute to the Queen

Bambi, an anonymous London street artist in her early 30s, hailed by many as the female Banksy, has taken the Jubilee’s pomp and ceremony to a gritty suburban London street….(read more)


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